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In the advancement of the professional and personal interests of our members, IPA provides IPA.Careers to its membership as a single resource for career advancement, development and employment opportunities, setting the standards for a higher quality of life and a living wage.

Unless otherwise noted, ALL JOBS listed on this site are for 32 hour work weeks. IPA leads the change, and encourages our members to do the same by providing a healthy balance between mind-body-spirit in relation to working and managing an active family life. Family comes first.

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IPA researchers and HR industry experts advise: the first step towards a successful search for a new job should be to analyze the current labor market and identify your own competencies, which will then become advantages, and offer a unique trade off for a specialist. These will be the determining factors that differentiate you between the other candidates and their work.

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What Members say about the IPA

Critical Feedback

“Great interface and helpful site. There's limited advertising, and while I didn't like having to pay for a membership to post, I get it that people gotta make a buck.
— L.K. Begelman
“While I admit, I thought there would be a resume workshop, I didn't expect them to recruit leading HR experts to create and design the courses and help us critique our own resumes. Good job IPA!”
— Mary O'Keefe
“Teaching old dogs new tricks is a hard job. Often times, it becomes a daunting task for both the teacher and the student. I can't extol enough thanks for the IPA taking the time, having the patience and teaching me humility and a completely new way to work in a completely new field of specialty. What was once thought to be an impossible feat, I have achieved and can now proudly stand corrected! I've never felt more confident in my practice.”
— G. Smith
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